How do they wear?

Sisal, coir, grassweaves and wool are renowned for durability. Due to their woven construction they = have a high resistance to flattening and tracking experienced with many carpets.

How much do they cost?

The prices range from $26 per square metre through to $52+. The price range is competitive to carpets and less than finished timber. Installation costs vary from $8 to $15 per square metre dependant on sub floor and if underfelt is used.

How do we look after the floorcovering?

The most widely used natural floorcoverings do not show the dirt readily and therefore are low maintenance. However the materials should be vacuumed regularly to miniomise the build up of dirt.

Do children find it scratchy?

These are mostly harder fibres which contribute to their durability. Scratchiness is encountered with some of the materials when new, but reduces with a little usage. direct to the floor or more commonly on underfelt it is certainly a lot softer than wood or tiles.

Does the material stain easily?

Commercial carpet cleaners can tell you that most flooring materials can be stained. The worst of the common stains are caused by red wine, some fruit drinks, soft drinks and animal accidents. When one of these spills occurs it should be attended to as soon as possible. In all cases soak up spill immediately and if penetration has occurred use natural detergent and gently wash/brush area, sponging up excess. Remove detergent by sponging.

Can material be commercially cleaned?

Yes definitely. We recommend the four stage process: dry vacuum, spot cleaning, mechanical scrubbing followed by the final stage of low pressure water extraction. This system also leaves the floorcoverings damp not sopping wet.

Is there a Fabric Protector Treatment?

Natural Floors has a proprietorial silicone fabric protection treatment commissioned by us specifically for these materials. This effective treatment is available on request.


Natural Floors uses commercial fastenings to achieve a strong and long lasting finish. Our professional layers are trained to use our methods tried and tested over many years the company has been in operation. These include perimeter fastening, joins and trims.
We recommend that only a Hair/Jute or Cushionpad underfelt be used. These sub floor materials will last many years.
The installation of natural floorcovering takes almost twice as long as standard carpets to install and is heavy to handle and difficult to cut.

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